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20 Security tips

1. Never open attachments from an email. Email was not invented for sending files and definitely not programs or archives with programs in them. Also pictures in emails are pretty deceiving because they might mask malicious actions….

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How to protect your social media account

You’ve heard in the press that many celebrities and companies got their social media accounts hacked. Twitter even issued an official warning to all press agencies to protect their accounts better. Here are useful tips how to…

Softpedia published a review of “Improve your security”

Source: Author: Eduard Kovacs   If you want to learn all there is to know about protecting your devices and online accounts against cybercriminals, we recommend that you check out “Improve Your Security,” a free…

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Six new chapters added

Dear reader, I added 6 new chapters in the book: 11. Enable two-factor authentication 12. 20 Tips to improve your security 13. How to protect your social media account 14. How to combat the brute…

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Improve your security

This blog represents the backend of the book “Improve your security“. All articles in the book  are first published here and then later integrated in the book. The first 10 chapters of the book are taken…

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