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Myth #8: Spam is just annoying, not dangerous

In addition to being a nuisance, many times spam websites install malware when people visit the site just for fun or out of curiosity. So yes, it can be dangerous. If you buy something advertised…

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Myth #6: Security Suites are overrated

Even if they are using more resources than a simple antivirus program, Security Suites provide multiple protection layers against malware. The security landscape changes continuously and you have to be fully protected against the most common…

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Myth #5: I have an antivirus, therefore I can’t get infected

Even though antivirus software seriously reduces the chances of infection, there is a continuous race between malware and antivirus software. Adding Cloud based detection, heuristic and generic detection to the classical antivirus improves the chance that…

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Myth #4: Why would anyone hack exactly us/me?

There are many reasons why a company gets hacked : to create visible damage to a public reputation, to get revenge, to gain internal information   Many companies around the world were hacked just to…

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