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How to keep children safe on social media

Source: Once your children start using the Internet independently, how do you keep them safe while allowing them to make the most of and enjoy social media websites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter? Sorin…

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Improve Your Product’s Security

Something great is coming! A new book from the series “Improve your security”: Improve Your Product’s Security It is going to be addressed to software developers and will show you how to : create the…

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Parental control for web browsing

There has been a lot written about whether or not it is ok for parents to control what their children are doing on the Internet. This starts with supervising which websites they are visiting and…

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Parental supervision for sharing

Social media websites like Facebook, Instagram and alike are so heavily used because they make it easy for people to share information with others. Many don’t know that sometimes, what they share is shared with…

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New version of the book published

Hello dear reader, I finally manage to find some time to write the introduction chapter called “Who should read this book”. I also added a new chapter in the “Device Security”, related to Microsoft’s announcement…

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