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New content available in the ebook

Hello dear reader, I am living really are exciting times as the book starts to be known world-wide. Have a look in the “In the News” page on the blog: I added two new…

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Myth #19: Free security solutions are all I need

Well… there is some truth here. It is true that one can live exclusively with security solutions that don’t cost anything.           But, there are other costs associated: – overhead in…

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Myth #17: Security is the CISO’s problem

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO),also known as Chief Security Officer (CSO), are those responsible for the security in the company. They are the security heros.  And, if something bad happens, then is their fault.      …

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Myth #16: Security risks can be quantified

In an ideal world, it may be true, but the reason for this misconception is actually the fact that managers need to justify their expenses and tend to put a price shield on everything. How…

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