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Myth #4: Why would anyone hack exactly us/me?

There are many reasons why a company gets hacked : to create visible damage to a public reputation, to get revenge, to gain internal information   Many companies around the world were hacked just to…

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Myth #1: This can never happen to me

Most victims of malware, data loss, hardware failure, identity theft, bank fraud often think, “This can never happen to me.”           Anyone can become a victim and not expect it at…

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Harden your Facebook account

Nowadays the social media life is a significant part of our every day lives. We must make sure that we keep this part of our lives under control. Failing to do so may have significant…

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Online Protection

It is usually said that those who are behind a hardware router are protected from any danger. This is true in regard to the connections that come from outside but it is not true for…

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Securing your notebook

Quite a lot of people take now their netbook or smartphone with them when travelling. Because of this, almost every quarter of the year we read stories about sensitive personal data was lost because some…

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