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We have a Facebook Page

Finally,  I managed to create a Facebook page for the book: Why “Sec” and not “Security” ? Well, I don’t know… Facebook appears to block anything which contains the word “security” in it. Hey, Facebook,…

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Update your software often

Every week or even day we see new vulnerabilities popping up in all software packages which we use daily: In the operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux), PDF Readers, Web browsers, Mail clients, Office suites, and…

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Password protect your smartphone

A recent study published in various online magazines showed that more and more people tend to replace their traditional mobile phones with smartphones. This trend applies not only to young people who are usually more…

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Change the default passwords

Very often people buy new gadgets or devices which because they are “secured” out of the box. Or, better said, this is what the producers write on their boxes, because the reality is quite different. These…

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Create good passwords

I never thought that I am going to write this post after publishing the two other Improve your security articles about passwords: #8: change the default passwords and #1: complex passwords aren’t always better But, here we are, after seeing…

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Make backups

It is said that three things are certain in life: we are born, we pay taxes and we die. Adding a little bit of IT facts on top of this, I can add a fourth…

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20 Security tips

1. Never open attachments from an email. Email was not invented for sending files and definitely not programs or archives with programs in them. Also pictures in emails are pretty deceiving because they might mask malicious actions….

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